Gas fireplace cleaning and servicing

• Clean glass and unit according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

• Inspect the entire vent system and termination for condition and operation.

• Inspect the explosion relief flappers and glass door gaskets to ensure a proper seal.

• Inspect and clean as necessary the burner, venturi, and air openings.

• Inspect the gas valve, gas components, and pilot system for proper operation.

• Refer to the manufacture’s manual to ensure proper log placement.

• Verify correct operation of all optional equipment; fans, thermostats, remote control, safeties etc.

• Keep the fireplace area clear and free of combustible materials, flammables or items that could be damaged from high heat.

Manufacturers recommend all gas appliances be serviced and maintained once a year.

ACE has qualified service techs to keep your fireplace in top operating condition.


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